Self Defense for Women with Master Ken

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Self Defense for WomenWe, at Master Ken Karate, are all too aware of the statistics set out by the UN on global violence against women. Our own statistics here in the US are both shocking and sad. The UN reports that “In the United States, 83 per cent of girls in grades 8 through 11 (aged 12 to 16) have experienced some form of sexual harassment in public schools.” Domestic violence and sexual violence have their own appalling data. Frequently, girls and women do not know how to react to this aggression, whether it is verbal or physical. They experience panic, anxiety, fear and confusion when threatened.

Master Ken and his wife, Carolyn, have made Self Defense for Women a particular focus of the school. Twenty years ago Master Ken developed his own program of women’s self-defense and has been teaching women and girls the skills they need to stay aware, keep a cool head under pressure, think and act with effectiveness, and above all, keep themselves safe!

Practicing these skills for only a short period of time will provide you with a realistic approach to self-defense, teach you various hand strikes and kicks, how to set your boundaries, and Kubaton key chain training, among other highly effective techniques.

Let us help you replace fear and confusion with solid skills and clear-headedness. Please come to our school and get to know us. It could change your life!