Master Ken Smith is a 7th Degree Black Belt

Master Ken Smith was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is a former USPTA tennis professional and originally began martial arts training to improve his tennis game. He quickly realized that the value and benefits of the martial arts went far beyond tennis. He immediately became a serious martial arts student, even though he still plays tennis in his spare time. By the time he received his 1st degree Black Belt, he knew he wanted to teach the martial arts full time and make it his personal and professional work. He opened his first school in Massachusetts in 1994. His dislike of snow shoveling and cold weather brought him to sunny Florida in 1998 where he opened his Royal Palm Beach school.

Master Ken is a 7th degree Black Belt, a T’ai Chi Master, a Chi Kung Master, and a Master Instructor. He is a consummate teacher who loves his students and who loves to teach!

Along with his wife, Carolyn, and their two daughters, Master Ken has a special interest in women’s self-defense. He frequently conducts seminars and workshops on this topic and has always had a special women’s self-defense program at the school. Master Ken has always taken a holistic approach to the martial arts because true martial arts demand the recognition of the whole person – the body and the mind. Our school focuses on physical training, character building, leadership training, and the development of life skills.

For many years Master Ken has also conducted semi-annual seminars for the 331st Minimal Care Detachment Army Reserve Unit in Florida. He contributes regularly to the news media as an expert on anti-bullying, stress reduction, a healthy lifestyle, t’ai chi for seniors, t’ai chi for those with Parkinson’s disease, and the personal safety of women.

What few people do NOT know about Master Ken is that he is a fabulous cook! He loves good food and he is very comfortable in the kitchen. He also loves to bake and has some holiday recipes that are truly outstanding. But if you’ve ever taken a weapons class with him then you know we can never be quite sure if it’s the food or the knives that bring him to the kitchen!

Master Ken strives for excellence and promotes a healthy and balanced internal and external life. He is also a super fun guy who loves what he does and it shows.