Master Ken Martial Arts Programs

Little Champions

Our Little Champions program has been professionally developed specifically for preschoolers to teach them important life skills with an exciting, enriching and age-appropriate curriculum that is always fun. We use a unique concept known as “Edutainment” to teach your child coordination, concentration and self-control.

Junior Kids

Master Ken Martial Arts Academy has developed special programs for pre-schoolers and juniors (boys and girls ages 7 and older). These programs are designed to channel your child’s interest and enthusiasm for the physical aspects of martial arts into the other important elements of self-development.

Adult Programs

For over 2000 years, Martial Arts has been a proven method to exercise both the mind and body. For almost 20 years, Master Ken Martial Arts Academy has taught the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate – a refined combination of martial arts techniques that is a highly effective form of self defense and physical fitness.

Tai Chi

International medical research continues to show a distinct benefit in physical balance, heart and lung function, pain control, and stress reduction, thereby improving quality of life. By learning to perform these beneficial body movements with expanded awareness, you will balance the energy systems of the body and mind.

Women’s Self Defense

Many women experience panic, anxiety, fear and confusion when feeling threatened, and not know what to do. Realizing the growing need for effective women’s self-defense, Master Ken Smith developed his women’s self-defense program and has been teaching tehse tactics for over 15 years.

Leadership Training

Any student who is a member of our Peak Performers enhanced training program may apply to take part in a unique junior leadership program we call our “Student Team Of Role Models,” or STORM Team to enhance not only their martial arts skills, but their leadership and interpersonal skills.