Master Ken Martial Arts Instructors

Karate Studio in Royal Palm Beach also serving the areas of Loxahatchee, The Acreage, and Wellington

At Master Ken’s Karate, our school prides itself on our instructors. Great instructors produce great results, and our instructors are second to none.

All of our Black Belt instructors have completed the Instructors College with Master Ken, where they learn how to teach others while they continue their own martial arts education. With over seventy years of combined experience, Master Ken Martial Arts Instructors have the skill and patience to assist every student, no matter the issue. There are no poor students, only poor teachers. And our school has neither!

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SenseiCarolynMaster Carolyn – 5th Degree Black Belt

Master Carolyn began her martial arts training nearly twenty years ago because her daughter was interested in pursuing martial arts. One of the things Master Carolyn most enjoys about her martial arts practice is the peace of mind it provides. In addition to physical and mental fitness, Master Carolyn enjoys the feeling of inner confidence she has developed through her ongoing practice with a unique ability to stay calm, clear and balanced during the ups and downs of everyday life.

As a teacher, Master Carolyn finds it most satisfying when students are visibly seen experiencing, progressing and experiencing the same benefits she experiences. She knows that the benefits she has experienced and that are true for her can benefit and be true for everyone. Master Carolyn is also a skilled T’ai Chi practitioner and instructor. She enjoys the slow, graceful movements and the feeling of stress falling off of her and dissolving away. Master Carolyn says she always feels much more on balance after teaching or performing T’ai Chi.

Sensei Crystal – 1st Degree Black Belt

Crystal Vera

Sensei Crystal began her martial arts career at the age of seven because she wanted to become the pink power ranger. From her very first class she loved the martial arts. As a teenager with a full workload of academics and part time jobs, Sensei Crystal approached Master Ken about becoming a certified instructor through the year long Instructor certification course. Sensei Crystal passed with extremely high scores and is one of the most sought after instructors in our school for private instruction. Sensei Crystal is also one of the head coaches of Master Ken’s Demonstration team.

Master David White

Dave WhiteMaster White began his martial arts journey in early 1963 when he was introduced to Grandmaster Warren Sicillano. Master White is credits Grandmaster Sicillano for his excellent guidance and introductions to other grandmasters for ongoing, advanced training.

Martial arts training has taught Master White the importance of self-control which helped him in both his early school life and during home life challenges. In addition, the physical and mental training principles Master White has learned from martial arts prepared him to be a successful Airborne US Marine Operator and helped to make his subsequent return to civilian life successful.

Master White is a Licensed massage Therapist who uses his unique skills and knowledge to promote the wellness and reduction of injuries within himself and others.  Master White is honored to continue teaching and training with us at the Academy.

Master Charles Kenfield – 7th Degree Black Belt

Chuck Kenfield

Master Kenfield has a wide range of knowledge based upon his thirty plus years of experience in the martial arts.  Presently the Director of Education for the International Shaolin Kempo Karate Association, Master Kenfield is known for his knowledge of the Shaolin animals and particularly enjoys the Dragon.  Master Kenfield has earned his B.S. in business administration from Northwood University.