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Forms/Katas/Pinons: Instructional videos that demonstrate Katas/Forms tell a unique story that can guide a student’s development within the martial arts. Each “Form” teaches unique principles in self-defense and guides students through various self-defense scenarios. Students benefit in more ways than self-defense alone. Each student’s focus concentration, flexibility and endurance both physically and mentally is enhanced with the practice and study of Forms.

Combinations: Instructional videos showing Combinations are self-defense techniques handed down from the Shaolin Temples of China. Each technique teaches students various self-defense measures and prepares them to handle a variety of self-defense situations. Each technique has numerous lessons involved.

The basics are described below each of the instructional videos.

White Belt

Combination #6: This technique in this instructional video teaches the student how to measure a certain range utilizing the front kick and how to maintain a safe distance from their opponent.

Yellow Belt

Combination #7: The combination in this instructional video shows students how to move laterally while executing a side kick while under duress while maintaining a safe distance.

Orange Belt

Combination #3: Combination #3 teaches students how to avoid or slip a punch while gaining a superior position on their opponent.

Purple Belt

Combination #5: This technique demonstrates moving to an inside position while integrating both hand striking and kicking.

Pinon 1: Pinon 1 is the first Kata (Form) that a new student learns. Prior to learning Pinon 1, each student learns fundamentals also known as “basics” to get them prepared to learn their first Pinon. Some key elements to the practice of Pinon 1 are to keep our eyes straight, maintain focus and concentration with each block and punch. Pinon 1 is the first form that keeps the student’s attention for an extended period of time, about thirty (30) seconds. In addition, Pinon 1 teaches students to maintain balance while changing directions and how to have mindfulness and awareness while facing multiple opponents.

Blue Belt

Combination #12: This combination develops and understanding in range and speed in kicking by utilizing both a front kick and a spin around back kick.

Combination #3 with takedown: This is a continuation of the Orange belt technique. Here the students learn how to facilitate grappling and felling into their techniques.

Pinon2: Pinon 2 for Juniors is an “advanced beginner/low intermediate” form. Pinon 2 continues to build upon the lessons of Pinon 1and expands the teachings of new body movements, hand positions, striking and blocking motions. Pinon 2 will strengthen the legs and help students with greater accuracy and focus.

Blue Belt with Green Stripe

Combination #2: Combination 2 takes a student through the different ranges in a self-defense situation. This technique begins at a distance and then closes distance quickly.

Combination #4: This combination teaches greater awareness by strengthening the mind from moment to moment teaching students about discernment in stressful times.

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Green Belt

Combination #8: The multiple kicking technique demonstrated in this instructional video designed to maintain balance in mind and body with poise.

Combination #9: This multiple kicking combination adds to kicking defense by challenging the student’s balance even more by adding a third direction in kicking.

Pinon 3: Pinon 3 welcomes students into the beginning levels of the advanced ranks. With this form, students will return to a strong foundation in their “Horse Stance” training. Many of the movements will involve the shifting and turning of the horse stance. Students will develop a new and greater sense of their relationship with the ground and their opponents especially in regard to proximity and timing.

Green Belt with Brown Stripe

Combination 18: Combination 18 as shown in this instructional video engages the student by moving their mind to defend a lower position and countering to a high position enabling them to catch their opponent off guard and off balance.

Statue of the Crane: In this Form, students will learn about the unshakable balance of the crane. The crane is known for her grace, elegance and balance. Practitioners of this form develop a rhythm and style and can even learn how to relieve stress in their spine.

3rd Degree Brown Belt

Pinon 4: Pinon 4 as demonstrated in this instructional video is an advanced form with an emphasis on deepening and strengthening the students “Cat” stance. This form develops the qualities of readiness, speed, strength and power in both mind and body.

Combination #10: Combination 10 is an integration of blocking, hand striking, grappling and felling allowing the student to feel comfortable in up close self-defense situations.

2nd Degree Brown Belt

Combination #16: Combination 16 introduces students to art of trapping against an attack from the opponent. This technique also allows students to close distance and bring their opponent to the ground.

1st Degree Brown Belt

Combination #1: Applications of Combination #1 are numerous. Students learn after an initial defense against attack to gain control of their opponent and maintain balance while closing the distance and bringing their opponent to the ground.

Pinon 5: This instructional video takes students through new and various multiple self-defense scenarios as well as integrating and applying previous lessons from Pinons 1 through 4 and the Statue of the Crane. Students in this form will adapt to new postures, stances and footwork in order to successfully navigate an array of new maneuvers while steadying and clearing their mind.

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