Junior Kids at Master Ken Martial Arts Academy

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Junior Kids at Master Ken Martial Arts is for girls and boys ages seven to twelve. Students at this age love the martial arts! Our classes are designed to channel your child’s interest and enthusiasm for the physical aspects of the martial arts into the other important element of self-defense: personal development.

At this age we focus on positive response to peer pressure, conflict avoidance, self-control, self-discipline, and a genuine respect for others. The students will see coordination, flexibility, balance and the ability to defend themselves increase each week. Through consistent and attainable goals, the kids develop a positive “can-do” attitude. Also in this age group we usually begin to see that spark of leadership and we nurture that spark.

Through consistent and attainable goal setting, children develop a positive can-do attitude and begin to build authentic confidence in their abilities. Junior Kids at Master Ken Martial Arts channel your child’s boundless energy and enthusiasm into positive physical and mental changes.

But mostly, the kids have a blast because the martial arts are fun! Our black belt teachers are second to none and we pride ourselves on individual attention even in our group settings. Come in and see us. You will not be disappointed.

Master Ken’s is a martial arts school with more than 30 years experience in building character and positive attitude in children. Each certified instructor is a certified black belt who is professionally trained as a teacher, coach and mentor to help every child achieve his or her very best.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of our parents have to say about the positive changes they’ve seen in their children!

Junior Kids at Master Ken’s Program Parent Testimonials

Not only is Elyse becoming an accomplished martial artist, but the values and character that she is developing are a welcome change! She is taking pride in all the tasks that she does including her schoolwork and the respect she shows is refreshing. I hope she continues on not only for the physical goals but also for the person I see her becoming.

Cambria L.

Our daughter Claire has been a student for over two and a half years at the Master Ken’s dojo. As parents we appreciate the discipline and goal setting this program instills at both home and school, and we look forward to the benefits of Claire’s continued participation in this program.

Leslie and Fred S.