MMA Fighters in the Ring

How MMA has Changed in the Last 25 Years

MMA in American Culture

Americans primarily know mixed martial arts from television and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge), and they idolize stars like Anderson Silva, Rhonda Rousey and Conor McGregor. In 2016, the UFC was valued at approximately $4 billion, with each fight bringing in multiples of millions of dollars.

Each of these fighters, like all MMA fighters, have a unique and highly skilled background which helps them win their fights. Some professional MMA fighters have studied Ju Jitsu, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing, judo, and more. What makes an MMA fighter different than a specific specialty fighter? All MMA fighters blend their different arts and skill-sets into one fluid art, which determines – among other factors – their success or failure in the ring.

How to Win a Fight

Not only is skill one of the most important factors in winning any fight, but so is a strong mental state. Without this in any aspect of life, a person cannot truly succeed or be fulfilled. This is why it is so important to train young students both physically and mentally, for all the challenges in both their martial arts journey, and in life.

Most MMA fighters have previous sports experience, but that is not necessary in becoming a great martial artist. At Master Ken’s Martial Arts Academy, we are familiar with children from all experience levels. Some students are exceptional at multiple sports, such as soccer and gymnastics, while other fighters are only skilled in the martial arts we teach. While martial arts does not have to be the sole focus of any student’s athletic career – in fact, martial arts is known to increase skill levels in all other sports – we find that students who focus solely on their martial arts training excel faster than students in multiple sports.

MMA in Royal Palm Beach, FL

One of the best and most fascinating aspects of martial arts training is that it is never-ending. At Master Ken Karate, we have students from day one, to 25+ years training in Shaolin Kempo Karate, the main mixed martial arts style we teach.

While the first official UFC fight took place in 1993, mixed martial arts has been around since long before then. What we note as mixed martial arts today is actually the blend of many styles of martial arts. It is important to note: this means we teach only the most valuable movements and techniques, and have thoroughly sorted through many martial arts styles to find the best and most useful practices for today’s society. Additionally, our school is the first to implement a junior Shaolin Kempo Karate program, which allows young minds to absorb their martial arts without becoming overwhelmed. It also gives them more time to fully learn the valuable lessons we teach, including: Sparring, boxing, forms, combinations, basic punches and kicks, animal techniques, grappling, manners, discipline, self-control, and parents favorite, respect.

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