FAQs for Master Ken

Self Defense for Women

Q: Can I do this?

ABSOLUTELY! Anyone can do the Martial Arts, from three years old to the end of your life. In general, age and physical disabilities are not a deterrent to learning these arts. All it takes is a desire to have fun.

Q: Am I good enough? Am I going to be able to do this physically?

It is certainly possible that a severe physical disability could hinder your practice, but in over twenty years of teaching, we have never had to turn anyone away. So the short answer to that question is a resounding Yes! We teach short, achievable goals with a long-term vision of achieving a Black Belt, or achieving your own personal goal. Because these are short, achievable goals, students are always working on meeting a challenge, succeeding, and then moving beyond. This instills an authentic sense of achievement and contributes to self-esteem and confidence.

Q: How old would someone need to be to do the Martial Arts?

3 ½ to 4 years old is a really good age, providing the school has a specific curriculum for youngsters. At Master Ken Karate we have Little Champions program, which is outlined under the Program menu of our website. However, we strongly urge an “orientation” meeting for a young child and his or her parents. During this brief session we can all take a “test drive” of the program to make sure it is the right fit at the right time. This also provides our Black Belt Instructors the opportunity to see where the student is in his or her development so the student can be placed in the right program.

Q: Am I too old to participate in the Martial Arts?

NEVER!!! You are never too old to join us for Martial Arts classes. If you have a desire to have fun, learn a new thing, meet great new people, then you’re ready for class! Martial Arts are not about being thrown down on a mat, punching and kicking. Martial Arts are the ultimate personal development system. It incorporates the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional. It is only partially what you see in the movies! One of our instructors did not begin her studies until she was 57 years old. She recently achieved 2nd degree Black Belt at the youthful age of 64! She is also a dedicated Tai Chi student.

Q: What will I be learning?

First and foremost you will learn about yourself! And probably the most important thing about yourself that you will learn is how much more you can accomplish than you ever thought you could. Rather than list all the things you could learn, we invite you to drop by the dojo any time, or call for a personal appointment with Master Ken. Or you could fill out the email form on our website. Just DO get here however you can and see what you are missing. You won’t regret it!

Q: What style do you teach here at Master Ken Karate?

We teach a blend of Shaolin kung-fu, jujitsu, karate, and kempo. We also teach t’ai chi and chi kung. Every martial arts school is different. Some are about breaking boards or bricks or chunks of ice. Some focus on MMA, the mixed martial arts, and others are about kick boxing or cage fitness. THESE ARE NOT OUR STYLES. We compete only with ourselves, although we have been known to participate in the occasional tournament. We want to be better today than we were yesterday.

Q: Will I still be able to do other activities?

OF COURSE! Students who participate in classes at Master Ken’s continue to pursue extra-curricular activities such as dance, band, soccer, basketball and more. In fact, parents and coaches find that those students who participate in the Martial Arts in conjunction with other activities are more focused in all other aspects of their lives. Some parents have reported that their students get better grades.

Q: How much can my or my child’s program be individualized?

A LOT! At our school, everyone works to his or her own ability. Everyone has personal challenges they want to confront. We may wish to get more physically fit or just to lose some weight. We may be dealing with ADHD and our inability to concentrate and focus may be hindering us in school or in our jobs. We may be desperate to lower our stress or reduce our anxiety. We may be seeking more self-control and self-discipline or we may wish to see this in our children. Master Ken can individualize your program to pay close attention to the challenges you would like to confront.

Q: Why do most people take martial arts lessons?

It has been our experience that everyone comes to our school for different reasons. Students rarely take lessons because they want to be the toughest guy or gal on the block. A more important observation however is that the one thing the students seem to have in common is the desire to improve themselves and change some aspect of their lives. What students find when they get here is a welcoming place with great teachers, friendly and helpful students, and an “I can” atmosphere of positive encouragement.