Connecting our thoughts and actions

Connecting our thoughts and actions

Master Ken Martial Arts Academy of Royal Palm BeachI was introduced to the martial arts when I was seventeen. I took to it immediately. Within a few short years I had earned a Black Belt, a few years later I earned my Second Degree Black Belt, and a few years after that I earned my Third Degree Black Belt.

But somewhere around the Third Degree Black Belt I started to feel like something was missing — it reminded me of a feeling I’d had as a young boy, curious about the interconnectedness of things and people — curious about life. Finally feeling confidence in my ability to defend myself physically, I knew there was more to the martial arts. I just didn’t know what it was.

I did some digging about the ancient Shaolin monks who were, curiously, nothing more than peaceful monks living a monastic life of prayer and meditation before they realized that the mind AND the body were connected. This realization took them in a different direction. They began to also focus also on the physical, to incorporate physical training into their daily routine, and to emphasize connecting our thoughts and actions into their philosophy. The martial arts system that they developed so long ago is the one we practice here today.

It has been over thirty years since I started studying the martial arts. I am a Seventh Degree Black Belt now. I love teaching and I love our school because here, we don’t just learn how to kick and punch and defend ourselves; we also learn to see how connecting our thoughts and actions — and our interconnectedness to each other — heal us, complete us and help us grow.

Our students are our family and we want the very best for them all.